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Yoga as an Art of Living – Alleviate Stress PDF Print E-mail

Yoga can help alleviate stress, give you some pleasure and enhance the objects you are working on,

even when you are drown in a mountain of unfinished schedules and overwhelming paper works. All you need is a short break as a gateway.

In his book on “Ethics”, Aristotle studied “The relation of pleasure to activity”. He says that “each of the senses is active relatively to its object, and its activity is perfect when it is in good condition and is directed towards the highest object that falls within its range of sensation.” Thus in order to make an activity pleasurable and perfect we need firstly to improve the organ related to the sense so we can enjoy the best of it.

Therefore, fatigue, eyestrain, and body stress are responsible of lack of concentration because our body organs are tired and became less productive. Taking sometimes a short break may be rewarding for a better activity. The time we spent in concentrating and meditating on the source of our ailment could be a benefit afterwards. It is not at all a loss of time because we end up fixing, repairing, and boosting our centers of energies.

How yoga can help you become more effective in what you are doing and lead you to the best of it. The answer is simple: yoga improves your centers of energy and diffuses all the stress.

Hook to The Unique Zen Experience

Did you know that Indian people divide our body to 7 centers of energy, called chakras and each one has a color and a function connected to our organs , senses and hormones and we just have to diffuse this energy to optimize our health and energy?

1 – Root chakra: color red. It is located between the anus and the sex organs. Sense is smell.

2 – Navel chakra: color orange, located in the centre of the abdomen around your navel. Sense is taste.

3 – Solar plexus chakra: color yellow, located next to your thoracic cage. Sense is sight.

4 – Heart chakra: color emerald green, located at the center of your chest. Sense is touch.

5 – Throat chakra: color sky blue, located next to your thyroidal gland. Sense is hearing.

6 – Brow chakra: color dark blue, located between your eyebrows. Sense is inner sound.

7 – Crown chakra: color violet, located at center top of your head. Sense is inner light.

How can we reach our chakras while sitting on our desk?

It is simple. Take 7 minutes recreation from your work. Sit still, back straight, head light, arms along your body, hands gently crossed on your laps, feet flat on the ground, eyes focused on your breathing.

1 – Take a deep inhalation moving gently your breathing from your root chakra, up to your crown chakra on a count of seven.

Exhale in a soft way directing your gazes to your root chakra. Relax breathing evenly. Imagine yourself happy, smelling a red rose given by someone you love.

2 – Take the same deep breath and now exhale directing your gaze to your navel chakra. Imagine yourself tasting a juicy orange. Stimulate your tongue and enjoy it.

3 – Take the same deep breath and exhale Take the same deep breath and exhale to your solar plexus chakra. Breathe evenly, thinking of a warm yellow sun. Feel the heat and relax.

4 – Take the same deep breath and exhale to your heart chakra. Feel your heart beating. Imagine it shaped as a unique green emerald and moving under your fingers.

5 – Take the same deep breath and exhale to your throat chakra. Imagine yourself lying in the sun under a beautiful blue sky, listening to your favorite music.

6 – Take the same deep breath and exhale to your eyebrow chakra. Feel your inner sounds coming from your inner breathing.

7 – Take a deep breath to the count of 7, and exhale to the top of your head. Relax; breathe evenly imagining yourself in a violets garden where each flower has a different and unique perfume smell.

Feel the overwhelming happiness. Enjoy the moment. Shut your eyes for a moment and reach out for your dream.

Open your eyes slowly. Take a deep breath and go back to work.



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